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Seamless Transition to VoIP:

Empowering Business Communication

with Ease

As much as email and instant messaging have changed the way we communicate; business phones are still a primary utility in the professional world. Any business that’s serious about communication, growth, and success needs to think critically about their telephone solution.

When it comes to phone systems, none offer the same convenience and usability of VoIP.

Business owners are often unhappy that their current phone system doesn’t perform as expected, is old, doesn’t allow employees to work remotely, or a plethora of other reasons you may be experiencing right now.

However, these owners stay with their current system and turn down the transition to VoIP.

There is a belief that transitioning to a new phone system is a long, difficult process. In reality, the process couldn’t be easier! Your business can keep the same phone numbers and underlying processes while gaining the advantages of:

  • More affordable calling
  • A wireless, easy to access phone system that isn’t tied to a physical connection
  • Better voice quality

What’s not to like? The ease of the VoIP transition is one of the best kept secrets in technology: time to take advantage of it before your competitors catch on.

If you need help getting started with the VoIP transition, reach out today!

Due to recent regulations to combat Spoofed Robocalls ( we have partnered with Clearly IP and now offer their award-Winning unified platform. Contact us today to upgrade your legacy analog phone system.
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Easy to Use, Fully-featured UC Solution,
For Seamless Team Communication

Clearly Cloud offers a suite of voice communication services for growing organizations. It is a feature-rich, telephony Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform; and is intuitive to use with 100+ powerful features. With Clearly Cloud, you have on-demand access to a wealth of impressive extension and system options. While Clearly Cloud is robust, it is instinctive to use and uncomplicated and allows you to optimize productivity and still stay within your budget. Clearly Cloud works with redundancy, meaning you should not be out of touch or out of service.