Threats On Your Life Are A Real Danger To Your Wallet

Some scams are more devious than others. Some play on innocence, others play on fear.

Over the years there have been scams going around via e-mail, text message, and even phone call where the person on the other end claims to be a hitman. They say they’ve had a change of heart, want to give you a chance, and, if you pay them, they’ll walk away while giving you evidence about who hired them. These scams play on terror and fear for our life, attempting to scare us into paying them what they ask. Unfortunately, these scam artists are typically based overseas and law enforcement is unable to prosecute them.

In a similar scam, they claim that they have a hostage, such as a friend, loved one, significant other, your children, etc. They claim that they really don’t want to harm them, but will unless you pay them what they’re asking. In this case, the best way to ease your mind is to directly contact the person who is supposedly being held hostage and confirm their wellbeing.