Remember: Securely Store Your Devices

Theft of electronic devices is an all too common occurrence. This can range from something as simple as someone pocketing your phone at a club to smashing in your car windows for your laptop. If someone steals your devices, not only does this hinder your ability to do your job, but it also potentially exposes confidential company data through stored files and e-mails. Here are some good rules to follow:

• Do not leave your devices unattended in public places – if you get up, take them with you
• Do not store your devices in your car – it only takes moments for someone to smash a window and toss your vehicle
• If you must store your devices in your vehicle temporarily, use your trunk – out of sight, locked, and in a separate compartment
• Do not leave your devices in your vehicle overnight, even if parked outside your house – burglaries can happen anywhere
• Take your devices into your home with you at night
• If you are traveling, do not leave your devices in your hotel room
• If you must leave them in your hotel room, put them in the safe in your room or ask the hotel to use their safe if it won’t fit