The Break-in

When you picture a hacker, is it, someone, in a hoodie halfway around the world in a dimly lit room, hunched over a keyboard? What if we were to tell you that hackers can be more insidious than that?

Hackers can gain physical access to a facility through multiple means, which can then give them increased access to hacking the network. This can be anything from talking their way into the building to breaking in.

  • As you go through your day always keep an eye out for:
  • People in the office you don’t recognize
  • Someone trying to convince you they’re supposed to be there that you can’t verify
  • People tailgating through a door behind you or a coworker
  • Doors propped open
  • Doors that don’t close all the way or aren’t locking

An electric company tasked a security company with simulating attackers by breaking in and hacking their network as part of what is known as a “red team” engagement. The footage can be seen at the link below: